Be a Seller at pagr!

What is a seller?

Seller is a service provider at pagr platform. Customers who purchase the services at pagr are directly referred to a seller on the platform. Pagr provides a workflow engine to the seller to help them provide the services to the customer.

What is the role of pagr?

Pagr acts as a one-stop solution for all requirements of the customer for their business identity, presence, marketing, branding and all promotional and sales activites. A customer can purchase any service package from pagr and begin using the platform to fulfill their business needs. Pagr will also refer the customer to a seller. Seller can offer their assistance to help the customer at a price decided by the seller.

To make the transaction between buyer and seller a positive experience, pagr will provide:

Why do I need pagr? I can do this myself.

Yes. You can do it but at a heavy cost. You will need to:

pagr does all this for you.

pagr will provide you a simple, elegant, professional workflow to keep you organised for the project right from the beginning of the project. Buyer sees a professional in you because you are systematic, professional and structured in your approach.

How do I get started as a seller?

You can begin by simply signing up at the pagr platform.

Be a Seller!

What do I get when I register as a seller?

You get 365 days access to:

pagr will serve you as a